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IT Consulting, DVBE Service Provider
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Jeff Thompson is a former Naval officer and service disabled veteran with Agema Technology Inc.  Jeff served honorably in the Navy for five years in such capacities as operations, mission planning, command and control, and network operations. He has served at sea on aircraft carriers and guided missile destroyers and on shore as a member of a Navy Special Warfare unit.

Since 2010 Jeff has been working in the IT Services space and has his sights on making Agema Technology the "go to" provider for IT Professional Services in both the Public and Commercial Sectors.





​​​Mitch Balzer brings 20 years of IT Services & Project Solutions execution experience to the table.  In 1998 Mitch started his career working in the Aerospace industry in Talent Acquisition.  After realizing his passion was to deliver first class IT Initiatives on a bigger scale he pursued Professional Services and has worked for well renowned Technology Services companies ever since. 

Building teams to deliver on target and on time is the number priority for Mitch and his team..



David Etnire has been in Recruiting and Sales for over 20 years, focused 100% on Technology.  He grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City, and graduated from the University of Kansas.

His recruiting career began in Kansas City, and spent time with companies in Chicago and Omaha, before relocating to Orange County in 2005.


The choice to join Agema was an easy one - as we have vast government contacts throughout the United States.


Adam Harwood joins Agema Technology with emphasis on building relationships, trust and rapport with almost anyone, making connections between people, creating partnerships and alliances, and motivating forward momentum to ‘get things done.’


Leveraging over 20 yrs of technology services serving clients as a Senior Account Executive for a global IT Services company and as a Client Lead for a highly recognized management consultancy, Adam brings an enthusiastic and a sincere passion for delivering value and benefits to his customers.

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